HearthPR is a family-owned, boutique music publicity firm with offices in Seattle, Minneapolis, and Nashville. Based originally in Shoreline, Washington in the verdant Pacific Northwest, we’ve grown to a PR agency with five employees in three major cities. We owe our success to all of our friends in radio and press who’ve been so supportive of us, and to the amazing artists we’ve been fortunate enough to work with.

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Devon Leger founded Hearth Music in 2010 after spending six years as the lead booker for the Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle. A graduate of the University of Washington’s Ethnomusicology program, Devon brings a wide knowledge of music traditions and a passion for community music making. He’s also a prolific freelance music journalist, writing about and interviewing the best young roots musicians in the US and abroad with a focus on marginalized artists in the folk community. Devon also researches Acadian fiddle traditions, an interest from his own heritage, and has been traveling back to the Maritime provinces to find and record elder fiddlers.

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Daniel Zephyr Cooper was born to be a music publicist. With a mother who is a key player to this day on the Canadian folk music scene, Daniel grew up at music festivals learning the tricks of the trade. He first made his mark in Canada with the popular and acclaimed Pinball Sessions, a series of audio and video sessions from his home in Toronto that featured artists like Pokey Lafarge, Sam Doores, Leyla McCalla, David Francey, Kacy & Clayton, Pharis & Jason Romero, and more! Prior to joining HearthPR he formed his own publicity company, Home Base PR. Daniel recently relocated from Seattle to Minneapolis, where he runs the Midwest branch of HearthPR. Though he grew up in Toronto, he still feels it's pretty cold out!

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Sarah Kinney hails from the tiny town of Raymond, WA. Growing up in the verdant forests of Washington, her favorite pastimes were climbing trees, watching professional bull riding, and reading Harry Potter. Moving to the rainy city of Portland, Oregon in 2008, Sarah picked up a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studios from Portland State University followed by a Masters of Arts in Cultural and Creative Industries from King’s College London. Sarah’s Master’s dissertation from King’s College focused on her interest in post-feminism as found in pop music videos. Returning to Portland, Oregon, she took up work with Mike Thrasher Presents, one of the biggest show promotion companies in the Northwest, where she coordinated the marketing for touring bands like Slayer, Animal Collective, Vince Staples, Insane Clown Posse and more. Harboring a deep, underground love for roots music of all kinds, she was snapped up by HearthPR and moved to Seattle, WA. Her favorite hobbies include eating brunch and smashing the patriarchy.

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Susan Hubbard is the wonderfully outgoing publicist who runs HearthPR's Nashville branch. A well-known writer and interviewer in the Nashville scene, Susan broke into this notoriously closed music community by the power of her writing, personality, and musical curation. She runs Mother Church Pew, a go-to site for Americana music nationally, as well as East of 8th, a website focused on Nashville's independent and alternative music scene. A life-long band nerd and possible member of the grammar police, Susan's focus on new artist discovery and Nashville connections makes her a valuable member of the HearthPR team. She came to Nashville, though, to be an attorney, a career path that she successfully followed to start her own law firm in the region. She lives in Nashville with her husband Lynn, who is a fabulous cook, and two small rambunctious boys.

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Dejah Leger founded Hearth Music with her husband Devon in 2010 and her graphic design has been a cornerstone for our business ever since. In the early days of Hearth, we’d hand-wrap every package and create interactive greeting cards. Now, Dejah’s interests lie in linocuts, papercuts, and original drawings, all of which have been integrated into Hearth’s current mailings as well. An avid fan of French-Canadian traditional music and a burgeoning expert on Canadian hockey, Dejah has also begun touring with her new band, Déjoli, and her hand-crafted crankies (vintage story scrolls). For more info on Dejah, visit www.dejahleger.com

Reach Dejah at dejah@hearthmusic.com