HearthPR: Pharis & Jason Romero's Fretboard Journal Documentary

Pharis & Jason Romero's recent album, A Passing Glimpse, has been blowing up all over the US and Canada (and now the buzz is moving to the UK/Europe). It's not hard to see why, the album is a stunningly beautiful set of new and old songs, performed in with an effortless mastery of the tradition.

The other part of the story is that in addition to being great musicians, the two are also some of the best banjo makers in the world. The Fretboard Journal, a wonderful magazine dedicated to fine instruments and instrument builders, recognized this and sent up a documentary film crew to capture some of the magic in and around their home in the remote town of Horsefly, British Columbia. Led by young filmmaker Matt Miles, the resulting short documentary is truly inspiring. Matt managed to capture the natural beauty of their home, the easy grace of their marriage, and some of the spirit they pour into their music. 

Check it out:


And if you're running short on time, here's a quick music video from Matt's documentary. A deft interpretation of the classic song, "Wild Bill Jones."

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