Check out The Bills Mixtape of Canadian Folk for The Bluegrass Situation

We're loving working with the well-known Canadian roots ensemble The Bills, and recently The Bluegrass Situation asked them to put together a mixtape of their favorite Canadian folk artists.

"Asking the five of us Bills to agree on which tunes we'd put on a Canadiana folk/roots Mixtape was brilliant fodder for heated tour van debate. We're an opinionated bunch and we think Canada quite simply offers up enough amazing material to fill 15-20 Mixtapes, so this was a tall order that we dove into with happy enthusiasm. The Bills have always been inspired by a broad range of international musical flavours, but we're fundamentally grounded in our homeland's deep and diverse folk/roots traditions and modern talents. You'll hear nods to all kinds of these different influences on our latest disc, Trail of Tales."
-The Bills