Rolling Stone Country picks Dori Freeman for Best Americana Albums of 2016 So Far

Big news! Rolling Stone Country picked Dori Freeman for their list of the Best Country and Americana Albums of 2016 So Far. Big thanks to our friend Mike Seely for writing up a great review.

"Typically, when the accomplished singer-songwriter Teddy Thompson gets sent unsolicited music, he says it's "almost always awful and often funny." But when Virginia native Dori Freeman sent him a track called "Lullaby," it "took maybe 10 to 12 seconds" to hook Thompson, he admits. He quickly agreed to produce the 25-year-old's self-titled debut album, as well as lend harmonies to some of its strongest songs. Freeman's voice is pure, languid and dreamy, but it's not without the occasional burst of spunk, such as when she produces a triple-hitch yodel on the doo-woppy "Tell Me." There are touches of Appalachia, Patty Griffin and even Norah Jones, the type of album that's apt to make a grinning listener close her eyes, tilt her face toward the sun and spin around barefoot in a meadow."

-Rolling Stone Country