HearthPR is a family-run, boutique music publicity agency that specializes in working with artists who have stories to tell and powerful perspectives. At our core, we love to tell stories. Outside of our work as publicists, we write about music and interview artists tirelessly. We love to talk about music and share the songs we love the most, and that kind of passion for art is infectious. Many publicists operate based on hype, but we believe that our contacts are looking for great music and great stories first and foremost. Time and again we hear how much they love the music we’re sending, or how they might have missed the music if it hadn’t come from us.

Our goal with a publicity campaign is to introduce your music to the movers and shakers in the industry. This can lead to bookings, in-studios, reviews, charting, new friends, new contacts, critical acclaim, and online sales. Our publicity agency was born in the digital age, so we’re adept at digital and physical publicity campaigns and we understand the world of new media. We specialize in breaking new artists on a national and international level, and in bringing your music into new markets. But most of all we specialize in telling your story and showcasing your art. Our main goal at HearthPR is to be sure that the music we love doesn’t go unheard.